ENUW AP 2020 Satisfaction Survey
Thank you for your participation in e-Navigation underway Asia-Pacific 2020 Conference (ENUW AP 2020).
The Secretariat of ENUW AP 2020 conducts the following survey in order to grasp the satisfaction of the conference and to collect the improvements for the next conference. We would like to ask for your interest and active participation.
In addition, the submitted questionnaire will be used only as reference material for simple statistics collection related to the results of the conference and future conference improvement in accordance with article 33 of the Statistical Law in Korea.
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1. What is your age range? *
2. What is your gender? *
3. What is your work area? *
4. Have you ever participated in this conference before? *
5. How did you get information for participating in this conference? (Multiple selections possible) *
6. How satisfied are you with the overall event? *
7. What are the conference sessions you participated in? (Multiple selections possible) *
8. What was the most satisfying topic? (Multiple selections possible) *
9. What was the most impressive or interesting part of the conference? *
10. Please give us an overall assessment of this event.
11. Are you willing to attend the next year’s conference? *
12. What is your preferred period of the year for future Digital@Sea Asia-Pacific 2021 Conference? *
13. What do you think the proper format for future Digital@Sea Asia-Pacific 2021 Conference? Please write the reason why you chose.
14. Please give feedback on the topic or area you wish to be included in Digital@Sea Asia-Pacific 2021 Conference.
15. Do you have a speaker who you want to see at this conference in the future? Please specify if you have any. [Ex. The speakers’ Nationality, filed, type (professor, researcher, etc.) ]
16. Please give your opinions for the improvement of the Digital@Sea Asia-Pacific 2021 Conference.
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