Northern Colorado Math Teachers' Circles - 5th Summer Workshop June 26-30, 2017
A Math Teachers' Circle (MTC) provides an opportunity for teachers to engage in mathematical problem solving and deepen their understanding of mathematics. The main activities of a MTC are problem-solving sessions for math teachers in a collaborative environment. Rather than emphasizing math exercises, the solutions and approaches discussed during the MTC sessions aim to create a culture of problem solving among mathematics teachers. At each of our sessions, the participating teachers will actively engage in solving math problems. The participants will work on math problems geared towards the level of teachers, rather than the level of their students. As well as discussing various solutions and strategies, we will also address teachers’ concerns about how to implement problem solving in the classroom, how to modify problems from our sessions to fit their students’ level and connections to the Common Core Standards. Another important aspect of the MTC is to create a network among math teachers and research mathematicians. This network becomes an invaluable resource of ideas, activities, and support with fellow professionals. Time in the evenings will be dedicated to connecting this back to your classrooms, including how to modify problems from our sessions to fit your students’ level and how to connect them to the Common Core State Standards. Please submit your application by APRIL 19, 2017.

In addition to this submission form, you need to submit a $150-check (refundable). Your application will not be reviewed until we receive your check. Please make the check payable to Northern Colorado Math Teachers’ Circle (post date it to June 30, 2017-the last day of the workshop) and mail it:

Katie Morrison
University of Northern Colorado
School of Mathematical Sciences
501 20th Street, Campus Box: 122
Greeley, CO, 80639

If you prefer, you may email or fax the application form the email address or fax number:

Fax: 970-351-2995

We aim to complete the review of applications and inform you by Friday April 21, 2017.

Picture from 2016 Summer Workshop at YMCA, Winter Park CO
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