Si-Verb Survey
Please rate the following si-verbs on how "idiomatic" they are.

The following definitions may be of use:

idiomatic - (adj.) peculiar to or characteristic of a particular language or dialect:
idiom - (n.) an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, as kick the bucket or hang one's head, or from the general grammatical rules of a language, as the table round for the round table, and that is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics.
FORMAT IS THE FOLLOWING: <si verb> - <si verb meaning> - <component adj/noun meaning>
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Very Logical
ätxäle si - to request - n. a request
eltu si - pay attention, quit goofing off - n. brain
kelku si - live, dwell - n. home
lrrtok si - to smile - n. a smile
nari si - watch out, be careful - n. eye
uvan si - play a game - n. a game
zoplo si - offend, insult - n. an offense, an insult
kavuk si - to betray - n. treachery/a betrayal
lew si - to cover - n. a cover or lid
muntxa si - to mate, marry - adj. mated, married
piak si - to open - adj. open (not closed)
tì'awm si - to camp - n. camping (from 'awm - a camp)
tìkangkem si - to work - n. work (itself)
tìsraw si - to hurt or be painful - n. pain (from sraw adj. painful)
tsaheyl si - bond with, establish neural connection - n. tsaheylu - the neural bond
tsap'alute si - apologize - n. an apology
tstu si - to close - adj. closed
win si - to rush something, make something fast - adj. quick, fast
srung si - to help - n. help (itself)
txopu si - be afraid - n. fear
pamrel si - write - n. a writing/something written
ultxa si - meet someone (intentionally) - n. a meeting
yemfpay si - dip into liquid - n. dipping, immersion (into liquid)
tìkxey si - mess up, do wrong - n. incorrectness, mistakenness
kxll si - to charge/rush - n. a charge, running attack
tsulfä si - to master - n. mastery
teya si - to fill - adj. full
kem si - do - n. an action
irayo si - to thank - n. thanks, a thanking
law si - to make clear - adj. clear, certain
kaltxì si - to say hello, greet - intj. hello
tskxekeng si - to exercise, train - n. training, exercise
way si - sing - n. an ancient, ceremonial song or poem
tìhawnu si - protect - n. protection (from hawnu- vtr. protect)
kite'e si - to serve - n. service
'en si - to make an informed guess - n. an informed guess, hunch, an intuition
pamtseo si - play music - n. music
hasey si - accomplish, bring to a conclusion - adj. done, finished
tìftang si - to stop - n. a stopping (from ftang - vinm. stop)
skxir si - to wound - n. a wound
ftxozä si - to celebrate - n. a celebration, happy occasion
ioi si - adorn - n. an adornment or ceremonial apparel
rì'ìr si - to reflect, immitate - n. a reflection
ngampam si - to rhyme - n. a rhyme
leioae si - to respect - n. respect (itself)
säro'a si - do great deeds - n. a feat, accomplishment, great deed (from ro'a- vin. be impressive)
syeha si - breathe - n. breath
slantire si - inspire - n. inspiration
tìtxen si - to waken, cause to wake - n. awakeness, the state of waking (from txen- adj. awake)
kangay si - validate, confirm - adj. valid
fta si - make or tie a knot - n. a knot
oìsss si - hiss - intj. watch it! (angry snarl)
sä'eoio si - take part in a ceremony, perform a ritual - n. a ceremony, ritual
yak si - diverge, change direction, go astray - n. a fork, branch, point of divergence
mowar si - advise - n. a piece of advice
tìkxìm si - to be above someone in a heirarchy, be someone's superior - n. (the act of) ordering, commanding, assigning tasks
sngum si - to worry - n. a worry, anxiety, concern
kxap si - threaten - n. a threat
unil si - to dream - n. a dream
tìmungwrr si - to make an exception - n. an exception (from mungwrr- adp. except)
tìnvi si - to perform a task, run an errand - n. a task, errand, step (in an instruction)
stiwi si - be naughty, do mischief - n. mischief
laro si - to clean, make free of dirt - adj. clean
kxu si - to harm - n. physical harm
ekxan si - exclude, keep out, bar - n. a barricade, an obstruction
afpawng si - grieve - n. grief
fwìng si - humiliate - n. [an] embarassment, humiliation, loss of face
lie si - to experience - n. an experience
liswa si - nourish, provide nourishment - n. nourishment
meuia si - to honor - n. honor
tswesya si - to flow - n. a current (of a body of water)
'on si - to shape, give shape (to something) - n. a shape, form
leyr si - to freeze - adj. frozen
lesar si - be useful, be of use, come in handy - adj. useful
'asap si - to be shocked, startled - n. a sudden shock
txansngum si - to feel desperate - n. desperation, a feeling of great worry
stä'nìpam si - to record (sound) - n. a (sound) recording
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