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1. Should be 15 years of age or older
2. Review the official Amandium website
3. Complete the entire form below

We consider our citizens to hold dual-citizenship along with the citizenship of the nation in which they currently hold legal status, and to remain subject to all laws of the nation in which they live.

For Nobility, please send us your "self-addressed stamped envelope" at The Nation of Amandium,
PO Box 39, Dekalb, IL - 60115, USA.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of Citizenship application we receive every month by the Department of Homeland Security, it is not possible to individually qualify details of incomplete applications. Applications that are submitted incomplete are therefore automatically rejected. In order to ensure the success of your application please ensure that it is completed in full.
Jurisdiction *
Country, State/Province, Local area
LEAVE blank if not applicable. Answer ONLY if your citizenship is referred or awarded by the nobility of the state: DUCHY for Duke, MARCH for Marquess, COUNTY for Count, VISCONTSHIP for Viscount, BARONY for Baron, ORDER for Knight, and GUILG for Esquire. Example "Duchy of Umberger," "March of Evans," "County of Smith," "Viscontship of Johnson," "Barony of Lee," "Order of Ferraro," and "Guild of Peterman." Title holder have the right to grant citizenship under their respective jurisdiction.
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18, 31, 55, or 75
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Should be permanent. Correct address affects efficient delivery of your mail. Make sure you've included the full delivery address, including ZIP code.
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For Nobility, please send us your "self-addressed stamped envelope" at The Nation of Amandium, PO Box 39, Dekalb, IL - 60115, USA.
OPTIONAL : Skills, Talents, Social/Political Titles, Qualifications, Hobbies, Interests or Personal Attributes.
Use the box below to describe briefly any particular skills, talents, social or political titles, qualifications, hobbies, interests or personal attributes you possess that you believe would represent a positive contribution to the Nation of Amandium, should you be accepted as a Citizen.
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