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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. If you've received this link, then I am offering you a free marketing analysis (retail price: $99.97) so we can determine if we'd make a good fit working together.

Please answer the questions in as little or as much detail as you want. Keep in mind that the more specific you are, the better I'll be able to help you through the analysis you're going to receive.

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Do you have any testimonials from your customers?
If you have at least three with hard numbers (example: The product helped me increase my average sales by 16.1%), quantifiable information and full identification of the person giving it (full name, country, city, website if applicable), please send them to me.
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What’s your single, most marketable, unique, competitive edge?
This can be your USP – unique selling proposition or how you are different from the competition. (If your product is not different in any kind, do you have a price, reputation or delivery edge?)
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Please describe your product or service in detail.
Focus on things like what is it, what does it do, for who is suitable, what are the typical results your customer should expect. Also, if it is a physical product, include details like packaging and fulfilling service (If it contains more than one product, like a course on multiple CDs, include this fact also).
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Tell me a story about you or your product.
You can write how you’ve developed it, what made you do it, how it had improved your life, what results got for other people. (If you can’t develop a story regarding your product, please write a few words about this technology or trend. The purpose of this question is to give a human face to your product and introduce you as an expert in your field).
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Who is your customer?
If you have advanced data like demographic and psychographic profiles, please attach them to this questionnaire. If you don’t, a few words about who he is, what is his average age, income level, experience, problems, desires, goals should do. (If you haven’t done any market research, please include the profile for which you’ve created the product. If your product is in the B2B field, please tell me a few things about your target industries and companies)
Your answer
List 6 unique and interesting facts you really want customers to know about you and the products or service you provide.
It can be anything you want! Let loose, here. You may want to isolate, identify and expand on those facts that make your product the way it is, or that make it different from, or better than, the competition. (Also, include why you think your customer wants to buy your product, what makes it unique and beneficial to his life).
Your answer
List at least 6 of the most commonly asked questions about your products or services, as well as the answers you give.
Are there any questions you seem to keep answering regularly? What provokes them, or what do you think is not currently addressed (or addressed properly) in your copy, your website, your materials or your emails? (Example: “It is too expensive for me”; “It may work for anyone else, but not for me”; I’ve tried something similar with no success”.)
Your answer
List at least 6 of the most common misconceptions about your offerings that your customers have.
What are they mostly confused about? List things that people have some difficulty understanding, or those things that, even though you address them in your copy, people can't seem to find them or grasp them properly. (Example: not understanding how he will benefit from your offer).
Your answer
In what specific ways are you similar to your competition?
Is it easy for your customer to confuse them with you? How? Why? Who are your main competitors? (If you are aware of no competition, please include technologies or products that deliver the same end benefit to your customer).
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What is the main, primary purpose of your copy (describe only one)?
Is it to get people to read? Subscribe? Join? Download? Buy? Call? Email? Fill out a form? Please be specific, here. (If this is a multi-step campaign using more than one marketing devices – landing page, email marketing, social marketing, please include it step-by-step).
Your answer
Your Offer.
What will the customer receive for his payment? (Your product + premiums + price + guarantee + delivery.)
Your answer
What specific accomplishments, achievements, accreditations, certifications or affiliations do you possess?
For example, are there any reviews of -- or is (or was) there any coverage in the press about -- you, your business or your offerings? Are you a member of a trade or professional organization, society or association? (If so, are they online or can you supply info about these organizations?)
Your answer
Is this project on a direct response sales letter?
What is its current conversion rate (include ratio of sales, leads and referrals to readers, if possible)? If this project is a website, what pages do you have and need help with, such as: Home, FAQ, About Us, Contact Us, Order Form/Page, Product Description, Affiliate Signup Page, Newsletter Page, etc? Please list all relevant URLs.
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How can I contact you back? *
This may include your project name & link if on a freelancing board / Skype ID / email / website.
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Thank You & A Free Gift!
I'm going to get back to you in 2 - 3 days. If you need to add anything, feel free to edit the questionnaire later or contact me at

In the meantime, I'd like to give you a free gift. I have always praised the importance of research when it comes to copywriting. Towards this purpose, I have created a 15 page report in which I explain exactly why research is important and how I approach it.

Since research is the difference between average and great results, I consider that any single person interested in obtaining better results online should get some education on the topic.

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