Career Day study association "De Veetelers"
Career Day 30 October 2018 at De Wageningsche Berg (Generaal Foulkesweg 96, 6703 DS Wageningen)
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During the Career Day there are five rounds of presentations. Everyone can attend 3 or 4 rounds of presentations, the other rounds there is the possibility to explore the information market and make contact with the companies. Below you can indicate your preference for attending the presentation of a particular company. We will try to assign you to the company of your choice, however this cannot be guaranteed and first-come-first-served. Information about the participating companies can be found on the website, or in the send e-mail.
You can also indicate whether you want to explore the information market for 1 or 2 rounds.
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In order to complete your registration, you need to transfer:
- €10,- (member "De Veetelers") or
- €15,- (no member "De Veetelers")
to NL44 ABNA 0423 133 071 in the name of studievereniging "De Veetelers"
Please note! Mention your own name (firstname + surname)!
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