Practice commitment and dedication
Practice Examples:
- Daily chanting of Metta Sutta,
- Daily reading and contemplation of the Therigatha,
- 30 day commitment to strengthen saṃvāra,
- 30 day commitment towards manifesting an ethic of reverence and respect in relationship with our natural world...
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Dedication Examples:
- generating merit for Ayya Tathaloka’s long and happy life in the Dhamma.
- generating merit for Ayya Tathaloka’s continuation on the path and sharing of Dhamma in the world.
- generating merit for Ayya Tathaloka’s health and wellbeing that these may be a benefit to her practice and to those who have the chance to learn with her.
- generating merit for Ayya Tathaloka’s further well being in the Bhikkhuni Sangha.

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