SK Social Enterprise Hub - SURVEY 
The Saskatchewan Social Enterprise Hub provides a unified focus for social enterprise development in the province.

This Hub is a collective of non-profit organizations have come together in partnership to nurture social enterprise growth in Saskatchewan. 

We feel strongly about the social enterprise model as an effective option to support community wellbeing and sustainability. These enterprises often provide services that would not otherwise exist and can play a significant role in addressing gaps locally and regionally.

By participating in this survey you are connecting your work with this emerging network of like-minded community builders. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary and you can quit anytime by simply closing the survey. By completing the survey and submitting it, you are consenting to participation in the data collection. Your data will be held by the Hub advisory team and researchers. Apart from adding your location to a map of Saskatchewan, your unique data will not be shared publicly without explicit written consent.

If you have questions about the survey or the project in general please email
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1. Name of the Social Enterprise *
2. Postal Code for the location of the Social Enterprise *
3. What year did you start this Social Enterprise? *
4. For the purpose of this Social Enterprise Hub, we are defining Social Enterprise as:
"any organization or business, providing goods and/or services, but managing its operations and redirecting its surpluses in pursuit of community, social and/or environmental goals."

Does this accurately describe your Social Enterprise?
5. Which of the following Social Enterprises are you running *
6. If you are unsure of the type of Social Enterprise you are running would you classify your business/agency as:

"A social entrepreneurship that returns profits to the owner or shareholders of your business?"
7. What portion of your revenue stream (that supports the Social Enterprise) comes from the following: *
less 25%
up to 50%
More than 50%
Government of Saskatchewan
Government of Canada
Municipal Government
Indigenous Government
Fundraising and/or Donations
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