Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Al Ain
(St. Dionysius Orthodox Church)
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Contact us at Off: +971 37 80 9498 (Sec): +971 50 568 2637
+971 50 5436520 (Vicar)
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1-Department of Community Development (DCD) Instructions has to be followed
2-Those who have CHRONIC DISEASES/COVID-19 INFECTION should restrain from the worship.
3-Kindly follow the instructions from the VOLUNTEERS.
4-Kindly protect one another by following the standard precautions like maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask and gloves, sanitizing your hand regularly.
5-Worshippers kindly bring your own liturgical books.
6-It is mandatory that the ALHOSN application is installed on your mobile and linked with your Emirates ID.
The App is available in Apple Store and Google Play Store.
7-Kindly follow all the timely regulations provided by Government of Abu Dhabi regarding COVID-19
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