American Academy of Fine Arts (aafa) Summer Camp Registration Form MUST be filled out by a custodial parent or legal guardian. A separate application must be completed for each child you want to register.
Parent/guardian must bring the student into the classroom to drop him/her off and acknowledge a teacher that the student is present. There will be $10 charge every 15 minutes of being late to pick up the student. Fees must be paid upon picking up the student.
In the event of medical emergency, I authorize aafa personnel to take my child to a physician or hospital and to consent to emergency medical treatment that is deemed necessary by medical professionals for my child if I cannot be contacted. I agree to be responsible for the cost of the emergency medical treatment.

Camp opens to accept drop off 9:00 am – 9:30 am
Camp program begins 9:30 am
Camp lunch time 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Camp program ends 4:00 pm
Camp pick up 4:00 pm
Camp after care 4:00- 5:30pm (additional)


5% off per family and registered at least one sessions. All tuitions are paid at the time of the registration.
10% off per family and registered at least two session. All tuitions are paid at the time of the registration.
15% off per family and registered at least three session. All tuitions are paid at the time of the registration.
20% off per family and registered at least full session. All tuitions are paid at the time of the registration.

Early bird registration before May 1, can get $40 off per session!
Sibling can get extra 5% off discount.

Registration and supplies:
$50 per family per year.Sibling can get free registration. All tuitions are paid at the time of the registration.

$240/half week.
$60/half day.
after care $15/hour, $25/day.

Completed registration form with payment may be sent by postal mail to:
American Academy of Fine Arts
13635 NE 8th St Suite 103, Bellevue WA 98005.

Refund policy:
Registration fee: non-refundable
Tuition (request made in writing) Two weeks before a session begins, 50% refund of the session tuition.
One week or less before a session begins, 30% refund of the session tuition.

Keeping everyone happy and healthy:
aafa reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We strive to meet the needs of all participants, building a healthy working, learning and creative environment for all involved, both staff and client. Very rarely, and almost never, this requires the dismissal of a youth or adult participant. If this occurs prior to the program we evaluate the circumstance. There will be no refunds if dismissal occurs during the program. We take the responsibility for the health of every team member seriously and set our standards high, addressing challenges as it affects the emotional and physical well being of the group and program team, other paying clients continuing to derive value from the program and the emotional well being of our staff. Grounds for evaluation and possibly dismissal includes but is not limited to: dangerous activities, emotional distress beyond the scope of our instructors, racist, sexist and otherwise bigoted behavior, accusatory and aggressive unsolicited advice, expectations that participants or staff conform to another person's aggressively specific moral values and overwhelming, unspoken or indirect verbal, written or physically aggressive behavior. This is at the discretion of the instructor staff. We definitely appreciate well thought out and well versed feedback, both positive and negative, about how we can better meet each others needs in a functional way. We do not support censorship by any means.

I read and understood the information of aafa’s regulations. I hereby waive and release aafa and its employees from liability or claims from any injury to me or my child. I give my permission for my child to be photographed (without compensation) during in session with the understanding that these photograph(s) and/or videotape(s) may be used by aafa for promotional and advertising purposes as defined and authorized by aafa.

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