Voter Rights Violation Incident Report - Nov 2020
Thank you for helping us have a safe and democratic election this November 2020. Fill out this form to report voter rights violations. Please fill out the description section with as much information as possible so we can support effectively.

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Name of Person Giving Report *
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Email of Person Giving Report *
City and Zip Code of incident being reported *
Address of Voting Location you are reporting incident at (cross streets or name of location is sufficient ex. Benjamin Franklin Library ) *

Long Lines:
-Voters require to wait in line for at least 50 minutes.

Broken Voting Machines:
-Numerous malfunctioning machines at one location.
-Malfunctioning machines at locations with small amount of voting machines (3 or less).

Poll Worker Behavior:
-Poll worker preventing voter from voting.

Voter Intimidation:
-Right-wing or mask-less activists, armed people or law enforcement guarding or blocking entrances to voting location or threatening the safety of voters.
-Vote locations and/or drop boxes at police stations/ law enforcement buildings
-Poll watchers challenging voters right to cast a ballot.

Poll Closures (complete or early closures):
-Poll workers closing locations before they are scheduled to close (e.g. 8 PM on Election Day).
-Polls are not open at the time they are scheduled to be open (e.g. 7 AM on Election Day).
-Polling location not located where listed and scheduled on official guide / website.

-Activists at or near voting sites encouraging voters to vote for or against a candidate or proposition.

Voter ID Issues:
-Voters at a polling location are being asked to show ID before voting.
*Note: New voters who have never voted before may be asked to show ID if they did not include a driver’s license, CA ID, or last 4 digits of their SSN on their voter registration form.

Accessibility Issues:
-Voters are not given materials in their preferred language at a particular polling location.
-Voters are not allowed to have a family member or friend assist them while voting.
-Voters with disabilities are not given reasonable accommodations to vote.

Voters Turned Away:
-Voters of color being told they are not registered to vote or on the voter rolls at their polling location.

Issue Reporting *
Please give more information / description of incident. This should include names of people involved, witnesses, any action taken, line wait time, etc. *
How many voters have been affected? *
Name, address, and contact info of any voter impacted by the incident (if possible)
Name and Cell # of witnesses involved (if possible)
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