Do you have a knack for writing, making videos, or are you just a creative person? Well, look no further and put those skills to use right here.

Create content that will sufficiently cover different aspects of VTRADE services,
platform and our VTRD coin

Content Creation
500 words: 500 VTRD
750 words: 1,000 VTRD
1000 words: 1,500 VTRD
Video (more than 1 minute) : 2,000 VTRD
Sharing your content on your social networks (FB, Twitter, etc.): 100 VTRD
Posting/ Publish
Blog with more than 2,000 subscribers: 500 VTRD
Blog with more than 10,000 subscribers: 2,000 VTRD
YouTube channel with more than 2,000 subscribers: 500 VTRD
YouTube channel with more than 10,000 subscribers: 2,000 VTRD

• Language: English and Chinese
• Article must be associated with VTRADE and its concept/ business model
• Article must be publicly accessible and available throughout the ICO period.
• Article should be 500+ characters long. Shorter articles will not be considered.
• Video should be at least one minute long. Shorter videos will not be considered.
• Low quality, badly written articles or videos may be rejected.
• Articles and videos must be your original work. You are not permitted to copy other people's work which will lead
to your disqualification. Use our website and resources as a reference point.
• Description of your video and any appropriate sections of your article or blog post must include official images, logos,
graphics and other branding items found on our website.
• In the description of the video, there must be at least one link to the website and whitepaper.
• The content piece must feature a link to our official website (
• Posting/ Publish specifications: Personal accounts/ blogs, no fake/shill accounts, or accounts used specifically
for bounty programs.

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