REI Rockstars & BP Legends Meetup w/ BiggerPockets Podcast Guest #344 Gabriel Hamel!
As many of you know the BiggerPockets Conference was held a couple months ago in Nashville, Tennessee. I had the pleasure of getting the chance to hang around Gabriel Hamel when I was there, which led to some great conversations about real estate investing, and not just out by him on the west coast but here in the NYC area. It was through my conversations with Gabriel that I asked him if he would join us sometime for our meetup that we do here in the NYC area, and I'm happy to say that he agreed and is coming in December for our last meetups of an awesome 2019!

Gabriel started out the traditional way of purchasing rental properties but hit a wall when he no longer could get more loans. This normally would stop most people in their tracks but Gabriel got creative, and started figuring out ways to get more deals done through owner financing. He had a proven history of being able to pay back loans on properties so that led to far more comfort to the sellers. And he's going to go over a lot of the strategies that have been a huge part of his success with the group, in 3 locations: Manhattan, Clifton NJ and Westchester NY.

Seating IS limited, so I encourage you to sign up and get everything squared away for this as soon as possible!

Entry amount is only $20
Gabriel Hamel, the guy who speaks volumes by his actions!
Gabriel has a special message for the group
He's going to explain how to add to your portfolio utilizing seller financing in ways you probably weren't aware of. Should a great presentation as Gabriel is a pleasure to speak to.
For only $20, There's lots of great things happening at the event:
Nick Aiola will join us again for some insight on your taxes as he usually does. This time he'll talk about making sure you understand the differences when it comes to repairs and capital improvements on your rental properties. Nick alone provides enough value for your investment to come to the event, but wait there's more. We'll also touch on market conditions from around the tri state area.

Come join us for:

NETWORKING! Our events attract the most BiggerPockets members across the NYC metropolitan area and you'll get a chance to meet them all.

VALUE: No where else are you going to get the opportunity to hear from BiggerPockets Podcast guests, and network with so many other BP Members and other professionals.

Amount to Enter: Only $20. You can use Venmo, Zelle, or use Apple Pay Cash. You'll get a message after completing the sign up provided you give your proper email address. If you don't get a message, that means you didn't sign up properly.

Time & Dates:

December 9- 6:30pm to 9:30pm Location: The Vanderbilt Suite located at The Roosevelt Hotel, 2nd Floor (take the elevator to the 2nd floor, not the stairs)
Address: 45 East 45th Street, Manhattan.

December 10- 7pm-9:30pm Location: 78 DeMott Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011 (First Floor, Fellowship Hall of Clifton Family Church)

December 11- 6:30pm-9pm Location: The Radisson. 1 Radison Plaza, New Rochelle NY 10801. The Five Island banquet room, 7th Floor. ---- PLEASE NOTE THIS LOCATION HAS BEEN UPDATED.
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