Pasifika Navigators of Tomorrow
Thank you for attending the Pasifika Navigators of Tomorrow.
We hope that you have left feeling inspired, learnt something new, meet some interesting professionals and made some new friends from other schools!

This post-event survey is so that we can see things at the event that we did well and could do better for next time. 
It also gives you the opportunity to reach out to us for further information from the professionals, more support around your career path or absolutely any other questions you have.
There are no right or wrong answers to this survey. Your answers should be whatever is right for you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tofā soifua, Kia Manuia, Ni sa moce, Koe kia, ‘Alu a, farewell until next time!
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What school do you go to? *
1) After I finish school I plan to... *
2) Do you know what you want to do for a job/career in the future? *
3) After attending the Pasifika Navigators of Tomorrow event... *
Select the level of how much you agree with each statement
Strongly disagree
Somewhat disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Somewhat agree
Strongly agree
I found out about new careers I didn’t know existed before
I feel like I have more ideas of career options available to me
I have a career in mind I want to pursue
I can see myself doing some of the careers the professionals at the event do
I still don't know what career I would like to do
4) Are there any industries/careers that you would like to see at this event in the future?
5) Would you be interested in asking further questions and hearing some more from some of our professionals? If so who would you like to hear more from? *
We may be able to set up another meeting in the future so you can ask more questions or find out more about this career. If you can't remember the professionals name you can just put what their job is - we'll be able to figure out who it is!
6) Would you like further assistance or advice on pathways to your career? *
This could be advice on what subjects you need to study at school, any questions around polytechnic or university, how does a student loan work, how do I get an apprenticeship, how do I make a CV etc. 

We can get in touch or connect you to the right people.
What is your name?
You only need to fill out your name if you answered YES to wanting further assistance in the question above. This is so we know who we are following up with. If you answered NO feel free to skip this.
7) Do you have any feedback? Things you may have really liked about the event or any improvements you think could be made?
Thank you for taking part in our survey!
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