Homeschool course evaluation - parent/guardian
We want to know about your family's experience(s) at Cedar Creek! This is a survey about our homeschool programs, including logistics, content and student experience. Please answer the questions below. Your answers will help Cedar Creek make their homeschool programs and field trips better. By submitting this survey, you are consenting to be a part of this evaluation. Your participation in this evaluation is completely voluntary. Thus, you can skip questions or end the survey at any time without penalty. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes.

Protecting your confidentiality is important to us. Therefore, we do not use names or other identifying information when we report the results of the survey to our funders or University of Minnesota administrators. Additionally, we report responses in aggregate to help keep your responses confidential.

Thank you for participating in this year's homeschool programs! You can register now for next year's programs at!
How did you hear about Cedar Creek's homeschool programs? Check all that apply.
How many homeschool classes did your student(s) attend in 2018-2019?
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How important, if at all, was each of the following in your decision to enroll your student in Cedar Creek's homeschool program(s)?
Very important
Somewhat important
Slightly unimportant
Not important
Scientific reputation of Cedar Creek
Previous experience with Cedar Creek staff
Specific topic offerings
Schedule (frequency of programs, length of programs, etc)
Cost of program
Location of program
Opportunity for group learning
Connection to our family's curriculum/topics
Hands-on outdoor component
Opportunity to meet science role models and/or visit a field station
Have you seen any specific impacts of Cedar Creek programs on your student's learning?
Are there topics you'd like to see offered in Cedar Creek homeschool programs in the future?
What can we improve on for next year?
Would you recommend Cedar Creek's homeschool programs to others? Why or why not?
Is there anything else we should know about your experience with Cedar Creek, your instructors, or about how this program experience compares to other courses your student has taken?
If you would like your name associated with your responses, please write it here (OPTIONAL). Otherwise, your responses will be collected anonymously.
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