Koroneburg 2019 Participant/Staff Application
If under 18, must have a Legal Guardian form on file.

This application neither compels nor guarantees your eligibility for participation in the festival. The purpose of this form is to verify your eligibility to participate as an official participant or event staff, and gives us the information needed to generate your pass.

Must be filled out individually by every participant. Must be on an official gate list for application to be accepted.
Email address *
Legal First Name *
Please enter your first name as shown on your government issued ID, Birth Certificate, or Passport.
Legal Last Name *
Please enter your last name as shown on your government issued ID, Birth Certificate, or Passport
How would you like your name to appear on your Participant Badge?
Are there any alternate names, or "nicknames" you go by? (Please list all that apply)
The purpose of this question is to be able to identify you on the gate list, in-case your name is listed differently than your legal name.
What Guild/Vendor/Group are you with? *
List the name of the guild, booth or group you are with. If Event Staff, enter "Staff".
Age *
Select the age category that applies to you based on how old you will be at the start of the 2018 Festival (May 26th, 2018). If you turn 18 after May 26th, even if you turn 18 during the festival, then you would still select 0-17, likewise if you turn 21 after May 26th, then select 18-20.
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