Application for Financial Support
Thank you for expressing interest in an upcoming course with Santa Cruz Permaculture!

My intentions with the financial support program are to increase the access to permaculture education, and build capacity for future permaculture teachers and designers in communities which have historically not been included in the permaculture movement and yet whose cultural wisdom is very much aligned with permaculture.

Permaculture is based on natural patterns and indigenous wisdom from communities worldwide in order to create sustainable human settlements. However, due to colonialism and many other forms of oppression, many communities and cultures that have been rooted for centuries in the social and ecological knowledge used by permaculture practitioners, ironically and sadly, do not have access to much of that knowledge today. Despite permaculture's intentions and origins, it is mainly a middle class white persons movement in America (less so internationally). If the permaculture project is to succeed in America - locally or nationally - the movement will need to confront this pattern and take action. Thus I seek to build relationships with people who are seriously interested in developing the capacity to teach permaculture, and “take permaculture home” to practice with their community land base.

I have to work with financial constraints that include my need to pay instructors and cover costs of materials, thus I do not offer my courses for free. We do not yet have an active scholarship fund and yet I am committed to my stated intentions. Therefore, my invitation is for us to both think creatively and partner together in order to make something work.

When filling out this application, please write whatever is on your heart and mind. There are no right or wrong answers that I am looking for, I'm just looking to get a better sense of who you are. If writing is not your thing, please email me at and we can complete this application together by phone.

- David Shaw
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