Coventry Dance Questionnaire

As we embark on our first phase of organisational research and development supported by Arts Council England, we want to work in consultation with the dance communities across the city.
As part of the dance community of Coventry, Coventry Dance invites you to participate in this questionnaire to inform our upcoming online series of events ‘Coventry Dance Conversations’.  You are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions, whether you are a participant, a freelance dance artist, professional company, teacher or indeed somebody who is passionate about dance!
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Name and Organisation (optional)
 What is your relationship to Dance in the City? (you can tick multiple options)
Tell us  more about you and your organisation? ( this could include, dance form/style, background, current work and who you are working with?)
Where does your activity take place? (This could be a local hall, sport centre, place of worship, community centre, school)
Tell us more about what you need to support, develop and advocate for your work?
What are the challenges for you or for the groups/organisation to take part in dance activity in Coventry?
How could an organisation like Coventry Dance support you/your organisation and the development of Dance in the city?
If you clicked other or would like to expand further - please tell us below - what you would like to see?
Thank you for your contribution and thoughts, this information is confidential, and we will not hold your data or personal information.  This questionnaire informs the next phase of our work that will take place in 2022. Any questions in the meanwhile please do get in touch at
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