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Application to Adopt
If you are interested in adopting an animal, you must:
• Be at least 21 years of age,                          
• Have a picture ID showing your current address,
• Be sure your landlord is aware and agrees with your decision,  
• Have the knowledge and consent of all individuals in your household,
 •Understand that we have the right to verify any information on this application,          
  which will include landlord and veterinarian checks and may include a
  property inspection.

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Applicant's Age *
Driver's License Number *
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Name, Age, and Relationship of others living in the same household as you *
Select 1 of the Following: *
IF YOU RENT: Please provide landlord's name and contact information. If not applicable, please put N/A. *
Does your landlord allow pets? *
Is there a fee from your landlord if you own a pet? *
Have you ever owned a cat before? If so, please describe your experience with your cat(s). Include how long you have had cats and their ages. If you have never owned a cat, please put that. *
Have you ever owned a pet before? If so, please explain your experiences with owning them. Include ages of pet(s) and length of time owning them. *
Do you own any pets currently? If so, please include type of pet, their age, and length of owning this pet. *
Have you ever given up a pet? If so, please explain why. *
Are your pets currently living with you up to date on vaccines? Are they altered? (Spay/neuter). Please provide this information for all pets. *
Please Provide your Veterinary contact information.  Include name, phone, and address. *
How long have you been going to your veterinary practice? *
Does you current pet(s) get along with other animals? *
If you selected No, please explain why. *
Where do you keep your current pets? *
Where do you intend to keep this pet?
Have you ever been investigated for, had a complaint filed against you for or had a pet confiscated for cruelty or neglect? *
If yes, please explain why. *
Did you ever move while owning a pet? What happened to that pet? *
Are you planning on moving in the future? If so, what will happen to this pet? *
A cat can live for 10-20 years. Are you able to commit to taking care of this cat for its entire life?   *
Who is the cat for and who will care for it? *
Are you prepared to assume the financial responsibilities of providing your cat with adequate food, medical care, housing, toys, litter, etc…? ( $500 + a year)   *
It can take a cat up to a month or more to adjust to a new home environment.  Are you willing to allow them a reasonable amount of time to acclimate? *
Within 1 week of pet being altered (spay/neuter), you will be responsible for full care of this animal. You must complete the adoption process within 1 week of this alteration. *
Character References
Please Provide 2 character references that are not related to you and that do not live in the same house hold as you. Please include their name, relation to you, and contact information.  
Character Reference 1 *
Character Reference 2 *
Vaccine Information
All of your current pets living in your home must be up to date on vaccines. Along with this application, you are responsible for calling your vet to give them permission for Furever Home Adoption Center to  speak to them to verify proof of vaccine and vet records.  
It is our goal to do the best job possible in matching an adopter with a suitable pet.  After processing your application, we may suggest further counseling about the pet that you have chosen, or we may suggest an alternative pet due to concerns with safety of either your family members, or the pets in your household.  In cases of extreme concern, the application may be denied.  Please understand that these decisions are made for the good of everyone concerned, including the animals.
Mission Statement of Furever Home Adoption Center Inc.
By electronically signing this form, you agree: 1) that all information in this application is true; 2) that false information may void this and future applications; 3) to allow Furever Home Adoption Center, Inc. to verify the information provided. Please sign below. *
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