Report Your Rent Hike!
Increasingly, we hear that landlords across Scotland are hiking rents up!

Across the Lothians and Greater Glasgow, we have already experienced average rents increasing above the rate of inflation since 2010 across all property sizes.

In the shadow of the pandemic, Living Rent members have reported rent increases of up to 60%, forcing  people out of their communities.

The current protections from rent increases don't work. Landlords are permitted to raise rents once a year in line with unaffordable market rates and referring your rent to a rent officer often doesn't work: they are overstretched and are obligated to examine 'market levels', instead of being able to bring rents back to an affordable level.

After years of pressure from Living Rent members, the Scottish Government has committed to introducing rent controls by 2025. This is not enough. While MSPs beat around the bush, landlords continue to hike rent to obscene levels, plunging people into poverty.

To force the government's hand, we need to be able to tell the stories of what rent increases mean for renters and their families. Report your rent hike below to join millions of voices in the call for rent controls and greater protections now.
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Journalists are often looking for tenants to talk about their rent increases and with the Scottish government failing to take action, the press can be an important tool to push action. With some training, would you be happy for us to contact you about talking to the press?
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