Tompkins Orchestra Audition/Evaluation
Please fill out this form for use in evaluating your placement for the next school year. Please post a link to your google drive folder where indicated. Be sure it is set to be shared with "anyone with the link". If you do not have an answer for a question please skip it and go on. Please hit submit only one time.
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Solo/Ensemble & UIL Contest 2023
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Honors & Awards
Did you tryout for region orchestra this past year? *
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If you tried out did you make it into the region orchestra?
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Please list any orchestra specific awards you have received from your orchestra program.
Do you have any youth orchestra experience? *
If so what group?
Work Habits
Were you ever ineligible (failed at the 6th weeks) at any point during this past school year? *
Did you fail any course on any six weeks report card?
Have you ever served time in ISS (in school suspension)? *
Have you ever left your instrument at home by mistake or on purpose? Be honest. *
Have you ever been late to or missed an orchestra concert? *
Has your current orchestra director ever taken any points off of any grade for conduct? *
On average how many MINUTES of practicing PER WEEK do you do on your primary instrument? *
After reading over the audition requirements and considering my commitment to daily practice I am trying out for... *
See for audition requirements
My reason for this placement is:
What comments do you believe your current orchestra director make about you as a player & student in orchestra?
Please list other activities you're involved in outside the regular school day.
football, track, choir, sci-oly, etc.
Copy and paste a link to your google drive folder that contains your audition videos. Folder should be named; YOUR INSTRUMENT - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. From a computer, be sure your permissions are set to "anyone with the link". We must be able to see both of your hands & arms, your instrument, and your face clearly. You may have multiple video files in the linked folder. *
Orchestra placement for the next school year will be based on the quality of your audition quality, your orchestra director's recommendation, and this self evaluation (above).
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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