Show Choir Members Application Form 2019-2020
If you are auditioning for Show Choir this year please fill in this form BEFORE you come to do your audition. Please note that there is a parent/guardian section at the bottom that MUST be filled out by your parent/guardian.
Name: *
What vocal range are you? (click all the ranges you can sing) *
Next year I will be in grade: *
Why do you want to be a part of Show Choir? *
What other extra curricular commitments do you have next year? (sports, clubs, jobs, etc.) *
There will be leadership opportunities in this group, like costumes, props, fundraising, trip organization, etc. Please indicate if you are interested in working on any of these things, and how you are suited/qualified for this role. *
Student Contract:
The success of these groups are dependent upon the fact that all members are truly committed, and everyone equally contributes to the group. With this in mind, here are the group rules that all members must agree to and follow:
I agree to attend all rehearsals/sectionals, shows and events, as well as for the Show Choir Canada trip to Toronto in April (1 to 2 days off school). *
I will not miss more than 3 of the above without a valid reason, and a note from my parent(s)/guardian(s). Missing more than 3 will result in an interview with the teacher(s) and consequences including having to make up the hours missed. Note: Valid reasons include being sick at home all day, and must be communicated to the teachers in as timely a manner as possible. *
I agree to practice at home as much as is needed to learn my vocals/lines/choreo, using the videos and recordings provided through the website and asking for help from peers and teachers as I need it. *
I agree to be fully committed to this group; helping others as much as I can, giving my input on decisions and music, being a contributing member, being a positive and supportive team member, and being a positive role model for younger performers at All Saints. *
Parent/Guardian Contract
The success of your son/daughter in this group is dependent upon your support.
You, as a parent/guardian of a Show Choir member are asked to encourage your son/daughter in their learning and practicing, ensure they have transportation to and from rehearsals, shows and events, and show your support by attending their performances. *
The Show Choir Canada Trip will be Friday, April 3rd to Sunday, April 5th. By checking this box I am stating that my son/daughter will be able to go on this trip, on these dates, and these dates will be booked into the family calendar so there aren't any conflicts. *
Please write your full name and relationship to the student: *
and contact email or phone if we need to confirm or ask questions: *
NOTE: The above information will only be used by the Music Department to better serve this student. It is confidential and will not be shared.
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