International Teledermatology (or remote consultation) Practice Questionnaire
Dear Colleague
Karen McKoy MD and Kuda Mutyambizi Maloney MD are US based dermatologists. Dr McKoy is involved in teledermatology (International Society for Teledermatology and the American Telemedicine Association). Dr Maloney is involved in teledermatology and teledermatopathology in her clinical practice. Dr McKoy and Dr Maloney are writing an invited review article on international teledermatology for the free online review journal, Current Dermatology Reports. This questionnaire is being sent to you in order to gather a snapshot view of current practices internationally for remote dermatology consultations. All information is anonymous if you request. Only aggregate information will be analyzed or reported.
Please, if willing, list email address,name and country
What type(s) of health care system is in your country?Check ALL that exist *
Which device(s) do you use for the remote consult?Check ALL that apply. *
Select ALL descriptions that describe your teledermatology practice setting(s) *
Select ALL types of remote consultation your practice provides *
With whom is the dermatology consult? Check ALL that apply *
List of countries for which you provide service with teledermatology
List of countries for which you provide teledermatopathology services
List of countries for which you provide teledermoscopy services
How many referral sites does your program serve in current year?
Total estimated remote consultation encounters in the last 12 months?
Do you currently perform volunteer remote consultation services? *
Do you do volunteer remote consults for patients in other countries? ( If yes, please list)
If you do volunteer work, which volunteer group are you working with? (List all)
How are you paid for teledermatology services? Select ALL that apply) *
What has been the impact of COVID 19 on your practice? Check ALL that apply. *
Many thanks for your time in answering this questionnaire. Feel free to add any other comments or observations.
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