DigitalOcean Meetup Organizer Application Form
What are DigitalOcean Meetups?
DO Meetups are local communities that bring together software developers of all skill levels to share resources, learn, and form discussions around cloud hosting-related topics. Meetups are led by volunteer organizers — DigitalOcean Meetup Explorers — and typically meet monthly.

What do DigitalOcean Meetup Organizers do?
- Create and maintain the page of your local chapter.
- Organize great monthly in-person events: taking care of the details and overall experience.
- Invite community members and partners to participate.
- Rally support in person and online by sharing the event with your network, tech blogs/newsletters, and social media.

Why organize a DigitalOcean Meetup?
- You’d love to bring people together and help grow your city’s developer community.
- You’re always learning and enjoy spreading the word about the latest technologies.
- You can’t wait to share things you and others in your community have built on DigitalOcean.

What's the format of DO Meetups?
That's up to you and your co-organizers! We look to you to craft events that your community will find most valuable.

Organizer's Mission:
Inspire developers through stories and conversations.

Organizer Perks:
- Hosting credit for you and your meetup members
- Preview and get early access to new features
- Being an extension of DigitalOcean and representing your community
- Events guidance/support from DigitalOcean including promotions, signage, and swag

Interested in helping grow the software developer community in your region? Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch soon!
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