Please assist us in evaluating our 2020 Fall Gathering.
How relevant was this year's theme for you ('Hope for Healing the World: Our Experiences during the Pandemic')?
Not Relevant
Very Relevant
Clear selection
How did you find the theme in terms of inspiring new ideas or possibilities for growth?
Not inspiring
Very Inspiring
Clear selection
Comments on the theme
Would you like our 2021 Spring gathering to continue this theme? If not, other ideas?
Clear selection
How was your experience of attending Zoom sessions instead of in-person sessions?
Clear selection
Comments on Zoom/technology/meeting virtually
What were the most fulfilling or important parts of the gathering for you? Why?
What will you be doing over this winter that this gathering has inspired?
What theme(s) would you suggest for next year's weekend-long Fall Gathering?
What, if any, sessions/leaders did you find particularly interesting, inspiring, or helpful?
What do you wish we had done differently?
Any other comments?
We appreciate your time and consideration in completing this evaluation. Thank you!
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