I'm interested in being on the Badass Creatives podcast!
Thanks for your interest in being a guest on the Badass Creatives podcast! I'm glad you're enjoying the podcast so far!

As you might imagine, I get quite a few inquiries from people interested in being a guest on the podcast. There are so many more amazing potential guests than I’m able to record with!

I am currently on hiatus from scheduling and recording new interviews. I hope to resume recording in early 2019, but I am currently focused on developing my book and keynote performance, Embrace Yr Weird.

Please submit the information below, and I will keep you in mind as a guest for upcoming episodes once the show resumes!

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On each episode, I try to provide listeners with inspiration as well as actionable takeaways.
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Prior podcast experience is not required, but if you have prior podcast or even video experience, I'd love to listen / watch to get a feel for your style.
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