Vincenzo Ravina: Actual Wizard Survey
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Have you ever seen me perform in-person before you came to this show?
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Would you recommend the show to a friend? Why or why not?
Was the show what you expected? If no, what did you expect vs. what it was? Were you happy or disappointed?
What made you want to see this show? For example: was it the poster, the description, my Fool Us appearance, etc?
What was your favourite part?
What part was most memorable (if different)?
What was your least favourite part? Or, phrased another way, if the show HAD to be five or ten minutes shorter, what would you cut from the show?
Are you the sort of person who likes to know how magic is done, or the sort of person who enjoys being left in a place of mystery and does not like to know how magic is done?
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I'm going to use the word "fooled" to mean "being left in a state of mystery". I don't particularly like the word "fooled" because I think it sounds negative. But for clarity, it's probably the best word. If you saw a piece of magic and did not know the way the magic was accomplished, then we will consider that "fooled".
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What parts of the show fooled you, if any?
What parts of the show did not fool you, if any?
How would you improve the show?
Would you come see the same show again?
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Would you come see a different show by Vincenzo Ravina?
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Any other thoughts or comments?
If you want to be anonymous, don't tell me who you are. If you want to tell me who you are, go ahead right here!
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