BackerKit Referrals
Know anyone who is launching a crowdfunding campaign for the first time, or running a new campaign but has never used BackerKit?

Refer a new customer to BackerKit, and we'll pay it forward on your behalf by pledging $200 as a donation to any live campaign of your choice:

* MUST BE a live campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Indiegogo InDemand, or a BackerKit pre-order store.
* Referred creator MUST BE a new BackerKit customer.
* Donation will be processed once referred customer makes payment to BackerKit.
* $100 pledge will be processed as a donation, not towards a reward.
*$199 BackerKit setup fee will be waived for the new customer :)

The team at BackerKit will monitor all referrals. Once the new campaign makes payment to BackerKit, BackerKit will process the donation on your behalf. BackerKit will reach out to the project receiving the donation to explain why they are receiving the donation, we will include your name and campaign name unless noted below.

*This is a beta test and is subject to change at any time.
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