Create a Quest - Change the World
Hello FIRST Teams,

This is a long survey - Thank you for your patience in advance.

Social distancing is challenging but important so we can "flatten the curve' and slow down the spread of COVID-19. However, saying "you've been exiled for the good of the realm" sounds like you're on a much more interesting adventure. With this in-mind - FIRST Indiana Robotics is here to help you define your quest and provide you with the necessary quest accouterments, maps, and guides to be successful.

The first part of this form was focused on finding topics to include in the Virtual Community Conference - what topics should we cover in it? What mentors should we interview? What would you like to learn?

The second part of this form was created for you to tell us anonymously more about the problems you want to solve in the world and what makes you angry (hit - you could solve problems associated with that). Answering these questions will help define your quest and will allow us to identify resources or share ideas via social media on how you can reach your goals.

We intend to use these anonymous answers in order to post them on social media and start helping you think of new and unique ways to solve the problems defined here. By sharing your ideas and dreams with the world, we can start tagging, making introductions, facilitating interviews, etc. to give our students the resources and skills they need to make their dreams a reality.

FIRST is about more than robots, we're a robotics community that's preparing people for life.

Let's work together to build our future.

(PS: While we'll prioritize Indiana responses, we won't exclude responses from the broader FIRST community - so share away!)

(PPS: This really is a long survey, but what else are you going to do? Take some time to review it, think about it, enjoy the process, brainstorm, find some paper and write it out, this isn't a short five-minute process, this is us working to mentor you while we're unable to meet face-to-face).
What state are you from? *
This is open-ended so make sure you share your program too! (FRC / FTC / FLL / FLL Jr. / Volunteer / Mentor)
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What is your role on the team (or as a volunteer)? *
Provide us with an anonymous introduction to who you are and what you do!
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What would you like to learn about? *
We're here to create short 10-min or 30-min training sessions for our teams, what do you want to learn about? (i.e. entrepreneurship, community building, the names of tools, intro to CADing, starting programming techniques, etc.)
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What brings you joy? *
As an example - community building, bringing order to chaos, working together as a team to solve problems.
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Is there a mentor on your team we could interview who might be able to help others learn something new? *
The #FIRSTINRobotics Family is amazing but we don't know half of the people in it! Share information about a mentor who we could interview - what do they do, why are they awesome, what questions should we ask them?
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Is there a mentor in the FIRST program you would like to meet?
i.e. a mentor, role-model, etc. that you look up to that we could coordinate an interview with?
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What topics could be included in a virtual roundtable?
We're creating virtual roundtable discussions that are about 45 min long that we'll open up for group discussions - what do you want to have a roundtable discussion about? (specific to the #FINFAM - we have limited seats on our sharing platform - if anyone can help us solve this problem let us know!)
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Is there anything else you would like to share with the FIRST Indiana Robotics Staff? *
We miss you too! - Don't forget to follow us on social media - @FIRSTINRobotics OR @FIRST Indiana Robotics
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