CSCA Mental and Behavioral Health Survey
We want your input and questions! We’ve created a simple, anonymous survey for our members to share your experiences around this topic, and ask any questions of our panel ahead of time. Your feedback will shape our discussion. Please take a moment to answer as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Again, it will be completely anonymous.
What questions about managing stress, anxiety, or depression would you like to ask our panel of experts?
Do you deal with anxiety or depression related to your professional creative work?
Clear selection
Is it worse right now than in the past?
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What steps have you taken to help manage stress, anxiety, or depression in your life?
Has it been helpful, and if so, how?
Have you sought counseling, and if so, did you feel it helped?
If not, and you’ve considered it, what held you back?
Please provide any additional comments or feedback.
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