Coveo Customer Awards 2018
At Coveo, we are constantly inspired by the amazing ways our customers use our AI-powered search technology to deliver personalized, relevant experiences for their employees, partners and customers.

At Impact 2018, we will once again celebrate our Customers' successes with our Coveo Customer Awards. These awards are:

- The Coveo Innovators Award
- The Coveo Impact Award
- The Coveo Industry Leader Award

If you have an innovative use of Coveo technology, a Coveo solution that has delivered measurable business outcomes and demonstrated an advanced stage of relevance to key stakeholders, please submit a nomination using the form. More details about each award and the criteria is also available below.

All submissions are due no later than April 6, 2018.

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The Coveo Innovators Award
The Coveo Innovators Award recognizes and celebrates teams, organizations, and trailblazers who contribute to their organization’s success through innovative and creative use of their Coveo solution and deliver relevant and unprecedented end-to-end experiences.

- Has leveraged, created, used, developed Coveo in a new and or innovative way.
- Has measurable results
- Has had an an impact on business objectives success

Hello, Adam. On behalf of my team and colleagues, I would like to nominate Palo Alto Networks for The Coveo Innovators Award. I believe that we are deserving of the award based on the following criteria: We have implemented Coveo in many different ways over the past few years:· Within the Agent Console of Salesforce· For federated search in our Community, Knowledge Base, and in our Customer Support Portal· For a special self-help feature called "I need help with"· For identifying the top documents accessed in our knowledge base and when users create cases· For case creation with self-help deflection· And, for federated search across a wide set of internal resources as part of our intranet portal We believe that we have been innovative with all of our implementations, as with each, we have tried to exploit all possible features of the platform. For example,· Wherever there is a federated search box, we have configured machine learning to work with both Tuning Relevance and Suggesting Queries. At last look in our Community 60% of the click-throughs on documents were driven by machine learning rather than a natural result.· Based on some research were we tried to determine which documents were accessed the most based on certain support case issues we colloquially called "Crush the 40", we built the "I Need Help With" self-help feature which allows users to hand-pick different topics from a set of selectors to find the "best" document concerning that topic.· We have also used machine learning to dynamically update a list of the top knowledge base articles accessed for a given week on our support home page, and as users start to create cases, there is also a list of the most frequently accessed docs through that particular interface at the start of the process.· We have done a number of variations of case creation with deflection that either guided the users through the knowledge base directly as they created a case or suggested solutions without interfering with the process. All of these variations were designed to work on PCs, tablets and mobile phones so that you can self-help on the go!· We have even implemented a form of self-help/deflection internally on our intranet where, when employees ask a question thereon, Coveo is used to find documents relevant to the answer to that question Each of these implementations has had a positive affect on our company goals and has produced measurable results:· Starting with the very first implementation of case creation with self-help and deflection, we saw that users were opting out of creating cases by finding answers to their issues suggested by the platform. Savings to the company increased steadily into the hundreds of thousands. In April 2018, from this feature alone, the company saved $122k· Over time, self-help/deflection increased from 25% to 30%.· Over time users began to favor the web channel over phone more for support. In December 2016 at the time of the initial launch of Coveo externally as part of case creation the split was 57% web / 27% phone. Last September that ratio changed to 67% web / 20% phone. As serving customers through the web is less expensive than that of the phone channel, there was also a corresponding cost savings to the company as a result.· Document views in our KB and discussions forums grew from 465k in October 2016 to 633k in April 2018. Thank you for considering Palo Alto Networks for this accolade!As we say internally…Go Palo Alto Networks!Go Coveo! Regards,Mike
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The Coveo Impact Award
The Coveo Impact Award recognizes a company whose efforts and successes have a clear impact on business outcomes. Their results are measurable and have either improved the customer experience, driven operational efficiency, improved cost savings and/or impacted revenue performance.

- Has a sustained period (minimum of 3 months) of trending results
- Has captured and measured results
- Leveraging the business outcomes to drive business decisions and set direction

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The Coveo Industry Leader Award
The Coveo Industry Leader Award is for a customer who has implemented Coveo usage analytics, the application of KCS or knowledge management best practices and has benefitted from significant organizational change and/or filling organizational gaps .


- Speed of implementation
- Speed of adoption
- Large scale organizational transformation leveraging Coveo

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All winners will be contacted in early April.
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