2019 House Concert Host Questionnaire
This short application will give us the vital information we'll need to select our stops for the 2019 House Concert Tour, and to pick a date for every house concert on the tour.
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What is your First and Last Name? *
If you will be co-hosting the concert with someone else, what is that person's name? *
What is your address? *
Is this the address where the house concert will take place?  If not, please provide the address where the concert will take place. *
What is the space you have in mind for the concert? *
 (Back Yard, Living Room, etc...)
If the space you listed above is outdoors, what is the space you have in mind for a backup location in case of rain/severe weather? *
Tell us a bit about why you want to host us for a house concert. *
Do you want to host a donation-based concert or a paid performance? *
Will you be able to get a minimum of 15 adults to come? *
What is the total number of people you might expect to come to your house concert? *
Are you  on board with our requirements for creating invitations and arrangement of the concert space? *
We rely on the success of every show we schedule to make the tour work for us financially. When we offer a date to a host, we make ourselves unavailable to earn our income anywhere else on that day. We will do all we can to make the show as amazing as it can be. If you are offered a date on the tour, can we count on you to follow through with your agreement to host your show on your date, and to help us make it an amazing and successful show? *
What is the best phone number at which to reach you reliably and efficiently? *
Many of our hosts ask us if they need to provide accommodations for us to stay over the night of the concert. Absolutely not!  You don't have to provide lodging, however if you have space to park our 13' trailer (footprint of a Toyota Camry) that is always appreciated. *
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