2017 ATI SEAL Application Portal
Welcome to the 2017 ATI Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) application portal. We look forward to your response. Someone will follow up with you shortly regarding your application.


Check out this short video for more information on SEAL '17:

About Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Launch
Can you commit to working at least 20 hours/week on your startup from June through August?
Company Information:
Please answer a couple key questions about the business that you would like to take through SEAL. Try and limit your responses to 250 words or less.
What is the company's name (or working name)?
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Please describe your business. (Be sure to include customer problem and solution, target market, competitors and competitive advantage, and sales/marketing strategy)
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Please describe the technology underlying your business.
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Please explain the origin of the technology driving your business. Is the company based on technology from a university? (Be sure to include your Intellectual Property position)
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Please describe the current team behind the business.
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Please list and describe any mentors and advisers with whom you are currently working.
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Student Information
What's your contact information?
Who is the principal founder OR point of contact for this business?
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What is the principal founder's email address?
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What is the principal founder's phone number?
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Which of the following describes your status?
What university do you attend (or have you recently attended)?
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