Church School Registration 2020-2021 (Ages 3 to 5th grade)
Use this form to register your child(ren) for Church School, ages 3 years to 5th grade. We ask that you do this every year so we can verify your family's information. For 2020-2021, this information is critical, as it will be used to create safe virtual classrooms. This form is for up to two children. If you have more, please fill this out and click submit at the bottom. You will have a chance to complete another response, and can do that for additional children. If your child(ren) are in the 6th - 12th grades, please use this form:
Parent Information
Please fill in the following parent/guardian information for the children you are registering.
Parent/Guardian 1 Name *
Parent/Guardian 1 Cell Phone Number *
Parent/Guardian 1 Email Address *
Parent/Guardian 2 Name
Parent/Guardian 2 Cell Phone Number
Parent/Guardian 2 Email Address
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