DFWNN Volunteer Skill Survey

Want to lend a hand to help plan an event or use your MAD skillz to promote the good work we do? Take a moment to tell us what you are good at and we will let you know when we need a hand.

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    Thanks for offering to volunteer!

    No one is required to volunteer for anything, general attendee or "Board Member," alike. If you just want to attend events to Play Games and Help People, that's GREAT! These events couldn't happen without each and every one of you showing up and making them worthwhile. Thank YOU!

    Important Notices About How We Use This Information:

    This information is made available only to DFWNN Board Members and Basecamp Participants for task delegation purposes only. Completing this form does not obligate anyone in any way. It simply is a survey to determine what willing assets exist within the community. If you are approached regarding a task delegation and are unavailable to complete it for any reason, simply notify the person who made the request, and it will be passed along to the next willing victim...err Volunteer :P Remember, every volunteer request is optional. Please give every assignment careful consideration and refrain from accepting anything outside your availability or skill set. Certain tasks may include requests for work or experience samples prior to assignment, and in some cases, subject to a community or Board vote (i.e., artwork, webwork, etc.)
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    Charity Outreach
    Charity Research
    Culinary Arts (Examples: Bake Sales, Cooking for Ronald McDonald House)
    Desktop Publishing
    Event Planning
    Event Host or Greeter
    Graphic Design
    Manage T-Shirt or Promo Item Sales/Distribution
    Organizational Skills/Experience
    Public Relations/Promotion
    Social Media
    Special Projects/Committees
    Teach Games to Adults
    Teach Games to Kids
    Welcoming/Greeting New People
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