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Spring & Catalyst:
1 empty spring and 1 - 1.25 sq in platinum catalyst pad (enough to pack spring 2 times). Select the Quantity you Want.
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Qty: 1-3
Springs prepacked with catalyst
(2 springs per pack) Used for replacing catalyst in standard handwarmer heads (Zippo, Peacock, Butterfly,Select the Quantity you Want (Choose up to 5 sets)
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Qty: 1-5
Platinum Catalyst Pad
1.25 sq inch (1.25"x1", no springs, yield: 2 spring refills)
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Qty: 1,2,3,4,5:
Empty Spring
Can be stuffed with catalyst to rebuild old handwarmer catalyst heads. This spring is Stainless, and just the right size to fit all standard size handwarmer heads with a 35mm length snug fit (to ensure it stays in place ) while the minimum amount of coil compression promotes the maximum amount of fumes to reach the catalyst: to promote optimum exothermic reaction. We finally bought a case of these from the factory, which has resulted in a significant price reduction as reflected below.
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Qty: 1-8
Spring for Large Jon-e
(1mm wider than the standard spring and 35mm long, fits the large Jon-e. Does not include Jon-e head as in picture. No catalyst. Will not fit Zippo, etc.)
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Qty: 1-2
Carbon Felt Strip kit:
2 small strips per kit. Use: Place on top of cotton (at bottom of neck on handwarmer reservoir) to prevent charring of cotton packing. Yield: 1 kit will allow for modification to 2 handwarmers. Quantity Pricing below (if you need more than 2 kits then order the pad instead as it is better value for larger quantity).
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Qty 1-2
OUT OF STOCK: Carbon Felt Pad.
ETA for new stock Dec 18. Weight: 10g. 30 sq in pad (approx 5" x 6") can be cut into strips and used for repacking or rebuilding a complete handwarmer reservoir (generally done for odor mitigation or replacing old and contaminated cotton packing), or individual strips can be used to protect the top of the cotton in multiple existing handwarmers (Yield: single layer will protect approx 20 handwarmers, use double layer if you remove charred cotton before inserting the carbon felt).
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Qty: 1
S-Boston Handwarmer:
Packaged Weight (for one): 150g. Included with the S-Boston handwarmer at no additional charge: Carbon felt strip pre-installed (value $1.50), and additional catalyst refill pad (Valued at $5.91), and deodorizer (Valued at $3.91). No Batteries included. This item ships via small packet to USA (for one: $7.00*, for two: $10.00** w/ no tracking), International ($9.00* w/no tracking), and expedited parcel in Canada ($15.00, includes tracking. GST/HST applies to Canadian orders. Canadian orders also incur no additional shipping costs for any other items ordered at the same time). Unit color is black. *For orders not exceeding 200g total packaged weight. **For orders not exceeding 400g total packaged weight.
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Qty: 1 or 2
S-Boston: Installing Carbon Fibre strip and Catalyst Replacement
From our You-tube handwarmer series, shows installation of carbon fibre strip and how to replace the platinum catalyst. This carbon felt procedure is done with every S-Boston that we ship, and a spare catalyst pad is also included.
Deodorizer Treatment
Deodorizer, terpenes in straw
Weight: 10g, yield, approx 13ml. Instructions: use contents of straw to treat 1l of Naptha. (refer to website for more information). Tick the box which corresponds to the Qty of straws that you want (EG: 1 straw = $3.91, 2 straws = $4.92, etc.)
Weight: 10g, yield, approx 13ml. Instructions: use contents of straw to treat 1l of Naptha. (refer to website for more information). Tick the box which corresponds to the Qty of straws that you want (EG: 1 straw = $3.91, 2 straws = $4.92, etc.)
Deodorizer 30ml
(requires oversize shipment postage)
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Qty: 1-4:
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