COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Immigrants
NEED HELP FILLING OUT THIS FORM? CONTACT SUSAN (Spanish) AT 1-515-233-1664 (no text, only phone), AWEIN (Dinka, Arabic) AT 1-515-203-5131, or PATRICIA (Spanish) AT 1-515-520-4517.

If you want a PAPER application, please pick one up at St. Cecilia Catholic Church Narthex or Rosita's Mexican Store.

If you need a SPANISH e-version, please go to:
This Emergency Fund for Immigrants is a collaborative initiative of St. Cecilia in partnership with the Ames Interfaith Refugee Alliance (AIRA), the Ames Sanctuary Interfaith Partners (ASIP), Ames United Church of Christ, AMOS-Ames, Bethesda Lutheran Church, Bridges International, Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, St. Thomas, Collegiate United Methodist, and others. It is convened by United Way of Story County.

This Emergency Fund is meant for Story County residents who need assistance with rent, utilities, gas (for work or doctor's appointments only), or other basic necessities (such as medicine or food for special diets). Please note that rent dollars will be provided directly to the landlord and utility payments will be provided directly to the utility company.

To be eligible, you must:
* live in Story County
* be an immigrant (you moved to the USA permanently to live/work). This includes undocumented immigrants.
* have an immediate expense (rent, utility, gas, or other basic need) that is past-due, due now, or due within the next 7 days
* provide required documents: 1. photo ID (any kind is acceptable including international passports, matriculas consulares, Central Iowa Community ID, etc.); 2. copy of your lease (if applying for rent assistance); 3. copy of your most recent utility bill (if applying for utility assistance); 4. proof of residency in Story County (Your photo ID, lease, or utility bill might serve that purpose. Otherwise, please provide mail in your name from the last 30 days.) Please send these documents to: OR drop them off at St. Cecilia Church, 2900 Hoover Ave, Ames, IA 50010.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: All information you submit is confidential and will only be used by the Emergency Fund Committee to determine your eligibility for emergency funds.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you continue to need assistance, you do not need to reapply. Simply send an email to the fund with your request and current bills. Our ability to assist you will depend on the amount of donations received and requests made by other neighbors.
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