Regional Strategy Suggestion
The Northeast Oregon Economic Development District is developing a new regional plan for economic development for the next five years. We want to know what actions are happening and what plans are being made to improve the local economy that should be included in our planning process.

The regional committee has identified three potential goal areas for the region:
1) Diversify the economy and increase the percentage of family wage jobs
2) Increase and formalize regional collaboration focused on economic development
3) Assess, improve and utilize infrastructure needed for economic growth - Infrastructure includes infrastructure is defined as transportation infrastructure, sewer & water systems, electrical power, broadband, industrial parks, trails, housing, physical structures, etc.

The strategies that are included in the plan will need to fit within the goal areas. If the strategy you are proposing does not fit within one of these goal areas, you will need to propose a new goal area.

What is the strategy you are proposing? What are some of the action steps that would need to be accomplished? *
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Who is currently working on this goal? *
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How will you know if the strategy is successful? *
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If a new goal area is needed, what goal would you propose?
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If you want NEOEDD or partners to follow-up with you if we have questions, please provide your name, email and phone number.
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