Story Time STEM: Using Children's Literature to Explore Math and Science Concepts
Thank you for piloting a Story Time STEM Children's Literature Kit. We greatly appreciate your feedback on your experience as it will allow us to learn from you and to continue improving and refining the kits for future use by children and educators of all types. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us!
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How/why did you choose each book?
How did you use the provided guide? When you first got the guide, what did you do? Did you do any additional work/research to support your use of the guides?
Which questions or kinds of questions did you ask? When did you ask them? How did you decide to ask them?
How did it go? What worked well?
What was a challenge?
What were children’s responses like? What kinds of ideas did they notice or discuss?
What extension activities did you do? How did they go?
Describe the cultural relevance of the kits in your context. If other languages are spoken with your group, how did you approach language use in your work with the kits? What would you like to see to make these kits even more valuable in your context?
What additional thoughts or questions do you have?
Please email photos, notes, children’s work samples (from activities), or any other relevant documents to Thank you!
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