Everyday Reinforcers and Punishers
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Study Title: Everyday reinforcers and punishers

Principal Investigator: James W. Diller, PhD, BCBA-D

Department: Psychological Science

Contact Person: For more information about this research and about research-related risks or injury, you can contact Dr. Diller at (860) 465-0214 or via email at dillerj@easternct.edu.

Introduction: By completing this form, you are providing consent to participate in the study named above. This study is being conducted by James Diller, PhD, BCBA-D, and Kristalyn Salters-Pednault, two faculty members in the Department of Psychological Science at Eastern Connecticut State University, along with their research team.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to learn more about strategies you use to increase behavior you want and decrease behavior you don’t want in people around you across a variety of settings.

Description of Procedures: This study consists of completing an online survey. We anticipate this survey taking no more than 60 minutes.

Risks and Discomforts: There are no known or expected risks from participating in this study, except for the mild frustration associated with answering the questions.

Benefits: By participating in this study, you will observe how psychological research is conducted. The knowledge gained from this study may eventually benefit others.

Confidentiality: Any information about you that is obtained as a result of your participation in this research will be kept as confidential as legally possible. Your responses will be anonymous (i.e., without any identifying information).

In any publications that result from this research, neither your name nor any information from which you might be identified will be published without your consent.

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Participation in this study is voluntary. You are free to withdraw your consent to participate in this study at any time. Refusal to participate or withdrawal will not affect your class standing or grades and will involve no penalty to you. In the event new information becomes available that may affect your willingness to participate in this study, this information will be given to you so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to continue your participation.

Alternatives: Participation in all research is voluntary.

Financial Considerations: You do not have to participate in this study. If you choose to participate in this study, you may elect to receive one research credit (i.e., a 30-minute unit) from the Department of Psychological Science at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Questions about the rights of research participants may be directed to Dr. Charles Booth, Chair of the Committee for the Use of Human Subjects in Research (860-465-5260).

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