Register for Bike to School Week 2019
Join schools across Metro Vancouver in celebrating Bike to School Week. Registering means that your school is eligible for prizes and will receive an event package from us!

NOTE: The deadline to register and receive your event package in the mail is Friday May 17th.

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What event(s) do you plan on organizing as part of your Bike to School Week
Every school community is different, let us know how your school will celebrate cycling throughout the week. Select as many as you like!
What strengths can your school draw on to run a successful Bike to School Week?
How would you like to receive your Bike to School Week event package? *
Packages will be ready for schools on May 1st. Schools that pick-up their packages will receive additional prizes and goodies. The Vancouver package pickup night is drop in for schools in any district, and includes an opportunity to connect with other school champions and HUB Cycling staff.
How many students do you anticipate will ride during Bike to School Week at your school this year?
Take your best guess at the number of participants your school will have. Students will use a "First trip" sticker for their first ride of the week. Last year the average school had 75 participants.
How many stickers would you like in your package this year?
Take your best guess at the number of trips your school will have. One sticker = one return trip to school. Last year the average school had 235 trips in total.
Will you encourage school staff to bike to work during Bike to School Week?
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