Soliciting Public Feedback for NWS MDL Storm Surge Websites
The NWS is soliciting comments on MDL-maintained P-Surge, P-ETSS, ETSS, and ESTOFS websites via the following Public Information Statement:

The websites for which NWS is seeking feedback are:



ETSS: and


These websites and graphical products are not operational, and NWS is now soliciting comments to determine if there is a requirement that these storm surge visualizations be made available operationally or if they could be terminated.  Factors that will be considered by NWS include, but are not limited to: the utility of the current visualizations, the need that the visualizations be made available publicly, and what level of operational support would be required if the pages were made operational.  Once the proposed solution is determined, NWS will seek public input on the termination, if any, of any currently available visualizations and the replacement content required, if any, by the new solution.

The availability of the operational data that are visualized on these websites is not impacted by this feedback.  The operational data will continue to be available operationally. NWS is requesting feedback only on the above visualization websites, not on the operational data.

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