Dark Side of the Con 4 Volunteer Application
Hello, and thank you for your interest in volunteering for Dark Side of the Con!
We would love for you to be part of our team!
Volunteers get free 3-day weekend admission in exchange for their service plus food and exclusive perks!
If this is your first time volunteering for this event, you much purchase a ticket.  Once you have fulfilled your volunteer shifts, your ticket price will be refunded.
Previous volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket.  

Upon submitting this form you agree that you will follow the rules and regulations of the event. We also expect volunteers to follow the event's code of conduct.

1. Please show up to work on time. The event relies on you to be at your requested location at the time specified. If you know you will be late for your shift, please contact the volunteer coordinator. They will notify the department manager.

2. There will be volunteer orientation before the event. We will notify you of the time(s) that this will take place once the schedules have been created.

3. Please be dressed comfortably but appropriately for your shift. This means that you must have a shirt, shoes, pants/skirts, while on shift. If you are unsure if an ensemble that you are wearing is appropriate, feel free to check with the volunteer coordinator or a member of staff. During your shift you may need to talk with attendee or a vendor, where we require an image of professionalism.  

4. Have fun!

5. If you have any questions about the event, volunteering, or something that is asked of you while you are on shift, please contact the volunteer coordinator immediately. We want to help you be as successful as possible!

List of Volunteer positions and descriptions

Badge checking - The goal of the badge checking group is to be our first line of security. You may be greeting new attendees and checking attendee bracelets as they enter the event.

Registration - Do you like people? Do you like being helpful?  We need friendly, approachable people with a good attitude and ability to handle check-in / ticketing and giving bracelets to attendees.

Vending - Do you like people or do you have retail experience? This position involves assisting in selling wares for the official vampirefreaks vending booth.  Must be good with customer service / sales and enjoy meeting new people

Driver -   A driver may need to pickup performers, food, and supplies. A valid driver’s license (or permit if allowed to drive alone) and vehicle are required to apply for this position.  

Set up/Tear down crew - This position requires some physical movement / lifting, and includes setting up vendor locations and equipment.  Must be available the night before the event and after the event is over.

Stage Hand / Assistant:  Assist in moving audio / visual gear around when needed.

Security - This position involves helping our team maintain order and ensure everyone is respectful and abiding by convention rules.

EMS / Medical - Are you a trained in EMS / Medical services?   We'd like to add you to our emergency response team.

There will be a review of all topics at the volunteer orientation should you have any questions you may contact us via email, or include your question within this application under "Other info/Questions"

If you have volunteered at Dark Side of the Con before, you do not have to purchase a ticket.
If you have not volunteered at our event before, you must purchase a ticket to ensure you do your job.
Volunteers will be refunded / reimbursed for their con ticket at the end of the show.
If volunteers do not show up for their job shifts they do not get a refund.

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