Francs (XFR) Airdrop Round 1
The first airdrop has ended with 500 registrations. Thank you for your involvment into this project! The tokens are going to be sent into your wallets today. Remember that fake registrations will be cancelled.

Next Airdrop will start on December 24th, 2018 at 9am CEST.
The link will be provided in the Bitcointalk ANN.
Registration requirements will change, please read them carefully:

- You must have a valid Gmail account, an Ethereum wallet address, and a valid BitcoinTalk username to register.
- You have to be online on your Bitcointalk account the same day of your airdrop registration (in order to avoid fake ones)
- Your Bitcointalk account has to be created before December, 21th 2018 in order to be accepted.

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