Vraj Camp 2019 - Early Registration Token Request
Form for North Campus Redevelopment Supporters, Vraj Mandir Sevak and VVK Students to request for early camp registration token. Tokens will be approved and sent via email by Friday March 22, 2019.
Email address *
Token Eligibility *
Parent First Name *
If applying for token as Campus Supporter or Mandir Sevak, this must be the parent that made a donation or volunteered.
Parent Last Name *
Parent Address *
Parent Contact Number *
Camper First Name *
Camper Last Name *
Camper Birthdate *
Proof of Eligibility *
If Campus Supporter, attach a copy of the receipt; if Mandir Sevak, provide contact name for Seva verification; if VVK Student, provide center attended and dates of attendance information
Attached Proof here
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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