Seiyuu Danshi - Extended demo feedback
If you have played Seiyuu Danshi's extended demo (DL link:, please fill in this survey to give your feedback and help us improve the game even further! We hope that you guys will give us your most honest answers when answering these questions.

Note: Do not worry! We will not spread your personal details to any third party. Thank you once again!

How old are you? *
In what country do you currently reside? *
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What is your gender? *
Did you back us on Kickstarter? *
Where did you know about Seiyuu Danshi? *
Do you think the new demo is an improvement from original Kickstarter demo? *
How long did it take for you to finish the Extended Demo? (Until 15 February in-game time) *
Which aspect do you like the most in the demo? *
Love it
Like it
Least like it
Character design (how the characters look and their personalities)
Story (writing-wise)
Art (graphical quality)
Gameplay (game interactivity)
Which gameplay feature do you like the most / most interested in? *
1 (love it the most)
8 (least like it)
Job system (audition + stat raising)
Dating system (weekend dating system)
Roam the town (interactive map & interact w/ NPCs)
Special date scenes (birthdays, valentine, christmas, etc)
Foreplay mode (interactivity during sex, consensual)
Dress up / underwear system (pick what to wear before a date)
Connect with the guys (text messaging, social media platform)
Reversible (each guy can top / bottom)
Do you have any other inputs regarding demo? (We can't change anything too drastically, but it won't hurt to know)
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Patreon ( is a platform to support creators - which is pretty similar with Kickstarter - but instead of a "per-game" basis, you can support us periodically (monthly).

In order for us to continue game-making, we're currently looking for funding method that are more stable (my parents don't really support my game-making career as it's not really stable) and doesn't require US residency (It's really hard for us launch Kickstarter in the future due to this). Patreon is one that we're currently most interested in.

Please answer these questions below as honest as you can.

If we launch a Patreon, would you back us? *
If you answered "still undecided", can you tell us the reason for it? (if you answer yes, just skip this question)
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Just like Kickstarter, as thanks for your support, we'll give out rewards to patrons each month.
We're still unsure about which rewards to give, so please sort these possible rewards from the one you think is the most important (1) to the one that you feel is least necessary (7) *
1 (Most Important)
7 (Not Important)
Periodic game updates (weekly / bi-weekly)
WIP sketches of game art
Sneakpeek of future games
Rights to participate in polls
Exclusive chat room (hosted via Discord)
Livestream of art progress
Become / design a character inside the game
How much would you spare to back us on Patreon? (keep in mind that it is a monthly basis) *
Do you want to get any news regarding Seiyuu Danshi in the future? If yes, please insert your e-mail here!
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Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire! That means a lot to us =)
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