Engineering Design Pathway Application
Please read the following before submitting your application:
We are looking for students who are interested in pursuing a career in an engineering field – our focus will be on aerospace, but even if you are interested in a different specialty, there is much to be gained from this pathway. We will learn the basics of how to document your ideas, how to use CAD software, how to follow a design process to create and improve upon your ideas, robotics, etc.
We believe in this program because of the growing need for qualified engineers, and because of the overwhelming data that shows that students that complete a PLTW engineering pathway are 3 to 4 times more likely to graduate with an engineering major in college than if they enter college as an engineering major without having completed the program.

Not to mention, as of 2016, 9 of the top 10 highest paying majors were in engineering:

1. Petroleum Engineering - Starting Salary: $101,000
2. Mining Engineering – Starting Salary: $71,500
3. Chemical Engineering - Starting Salary: $69,500
4. Computer Science & Engineering - Starting Salary: $69,100
5. Computer Engineering - Starting Salary: $68,400
6. Nuclear Engineering - Starting Salary: $68,200
7. Systems Engineering - Starting Salary: $67,100
8. Electrical & Computer Engineering - Starting Salary: $67,000
9. Electrical Engineering - Starting Salary: $66,500
10. Aeronautical Engineering - Starting Salary: $65,100
11. Aerospace Engineering - Starting Salary: $64,800

Engineering Pathway courses:
The Engineering Pathway is made up of 3 consecutive courses:
Year 1 - Intro to Engineering
Year 2 - Principles of Engineering
Year 3– Engineering Design and Development

Capstone experience: spend an entire year developing projects of your choice with all of the modeling software and industry mentors.

For more information on each class, visit – click on “Our Programs,” Select “PLTW Engineering” and follow the prompts to the class you want to explore.
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