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Terms and Conditions

-Minors are required to obtain parent/guardian permission through an electronic signature when signing up for this service.
-Tutoring & Advising Program (TAP) have permission to provide virtual tutoring to the individual listed in this form.
-Multiple unexcused failures to attend a scheduled session may result in our refusal to provide services to the offending student.
-No emails, phone numbers, or other personal information will be shared outside of our organization.
-Sessions may be recorded for quality assurance.
-Sessions will be done through video chat platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, etc. by default. Voice only sessions can be requested through the "Additional Information" section of this form.
-Sessions will be scheduled through Calendly.
-I understand that while tutors will try to assist students to the best of their capabilities, they are not trained professionals.

Last Updated 20 March, 2020
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