Summer COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
Thank you for your interest in the use of Alexandria Public Schools facilities. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our facilities, and that requires full cooperation of all involved parties. All users must supply a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan explaining the policies, practices and conditions the user will implement to meet CDC and DHS standards and applicable executive orders related to the safety and health of participants. Plans must be submitted 1 week prior to reservation, outlining each area. Once plans have been approved, the reservation will be accepted. Only local plans will be accepted.
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Please list contact name, group, facility requested and first date of request. *
Screening and Procedures: Basic infection prevention measures for staff and participants including health screens, masks, tracking attendance and identification and stay-at-home when sick expectations. Explain YOUR screening process and procedures for staff and participants. *
Social Distancing: Consistent pods of same participants with a maximum number of 10 people/indoor activities and up to 25/pod for outdoor activities. Activity start and end times staggered. Physical distance of 6ft. Contactless interaction. Explain YOUR plan on social distancing. *
Cleaning/Sanitation: Cleaning practices are implemented by district custodial staff, including disinfecting between users. Facility users are required to provide their own sanitizing supplies for participants, equipment, etc. Facility users may not use areas that are not listed on their permit without prior authorization. Water fountains will not be available. Locker rooms will be closed. Limited availability with restrooms. Describe your sanitation and cleaning plan. *
Communication Plan: Please share the communication plan outlining new expectations, compliance plan and restrictions in advance. Parents should not attend practices, etc. Drop off and pick up should be located outdoors. A copy of participant communication must be included. *
Training Plan: All workers must be trained on and adhere to policies, plans and procedures. Please include a copy and description of training plan for "workers." *
Personal Food and Drink: To help stop the spread and protect our visitors and staff, shared/communal food and/or drink is not permitted on school property (buildings and grounds). Seed spitting is strictly prohibited on school property. *
Closure/Cancellations: Cancellation of programs and closure of buildings may occur when deemed necessary based upon recommendation from Horizon Public Health, MN Department of Education and MN Department of Health. *
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