SEA CLEAR Mentorship Application 2016 - 2017


With over 40,000 students, 5,000 courses, and 1,000 student groups, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at UCLA. SEA CLEAR Mentorship is a thriving Southeast Asian community where participants like you exchange knowledge to help each other succeed academically and professionally. You will also explore your ethnic identity with other Southeast Asians and see how it intersects with your academic and personal lives. Together, we will build a supportive "home-away-from-home" together and reach incredible heights!

After filling out this application, SEA CLEAR will place you into a family and pair you with a mentor and mentee based on what you select.

In your family, you will:
• Be placed into a family with a resourceful family head who’ll help you grow throughout the whole year
• Meet family members with a variety of backgrounds, majors, career goals, interests, and experiences
• Have meaningful conversations to learn about your family, your community, and yourself
• Go on fun outings at and around UCLA to build bonds with your family members
• Find support and resources to help you navigate and succeed during your undergraduate career
• Network with Southeast Asian alumni & community leaders to help you with your post-graduate plans
• Have fun and new experiences with your family members!

With your mentor/mentee, you will:
• Have a strong and beneficial relationship with your mentor/mentee
• Have deep and meaningful conversations about yourself, your experiences, and your aspirations
• Help each other grow academically and professionally
• Share and learn about different resources at UCLA to help each other succeed
• Support and keep each other accountable in reaching personal goals
• Bond through a variety of outings (social, cultural, professional, academic, and wellness)
• Have fun and new experiences with your mentor/mentee!


MENTEE: An undergraduate student who is willing to receive guidance, foster supportive relationships, and
contribute to the mutual growth of his or her mentor and family. The student will learn new perspectives and skills through shared experiences, build a critical consciousness of his or her community, and become holistically motivated to succeed.

MENTOR: An undergraduate student who is willing to be a positive role model and provide support and guidance in the academic, professional, and holistic development of his or her mentee. This student will challenge his or her mentee and family to grow in these areas, while also receiving growth from his or her mentee.

ALUM, GRADUATE STUDENT, AND COMMUNITY LEADER MENTORS: A mentor who has graduated from college, is attending graduate school, or is involved in the Southeast Asian community outside of SEA CLEAR. This mentor is interested in sharing his or her own Southeast Asian experiences with undergraduates and guiding his or her mentees towards developing their own identities.**You DO NOT have to be in the UCLA area to participate. You can contact your mentee through other means such as calling***

FAMILY: A collective of students with diverse backgrounds, involvements, academic goals, and personalities. Families will provide a safe, close-knit space where family members can share their personal experiences with each other.

***Mentors and mentees will automatically be placed in a family***


- Attend the Mentorship Family Revelations which will be on THURSDAY 10/13 at 7PM. Details will be emailed to you!
- Attend the Mentorship Pair Revelations on Thursday 11/3. More details will be given soon, so look out for it in your email!

* Note for UNDERGRADUATES ONLY: If you absolutely cannot attend the mandatory dates, YOU CAN STILL APPLY! However, you will need to do a makeup task and explain your absence in the specified section

** Note for ALUM, GRADUATE STUDENT, AND COMMUNITY LEADER MENTORS: Graduate, Alumni, and Community Leader participants are excluded from these requirements because SEA CLEAR understands your time and location restraints. However, your attendance is HIGHLY encouraged because you will be able to meet your family members and mentees in person and develop strong relationships with them. You will also receive guidance from SEA CLEAR on developing the undergraduates holistically. If you are unable to attend any of these dates, please provide an explanation in the specified section and do a makeup task to introduce yourself to your mentee.

Apply today!
Deadline: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2016 AT 11:59PM
You will receive an email from SEA CLEAR about your application status by Monday October 10 at 11:59 pm.
Questions? Contact Helen Chan, Mentorship Coordinator at (preferred) or 916-838-2610.

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